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Tigger Math - software for your elementary school math needs

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division questions, and worksheets included.

Tigger Math is software for use by elementary school children. Tigger asks basic arithmetic questions. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or mixed questions. Choose how many to ask, whether or not to time the quiz, and number range for each question type. You may also print worksheets. Quiz results are saved in for later browsing/printing.

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The program is free to try out for 30 days. Just click the link below to download it. Once downloaded to your computer, just run tigsetup.exe to install it. Click here to download the Tigger Math - version 1.0, fully functional 30 day evaluation copy (1022K)

The purchase price is... $0

We no longer charge for Tigger Math, given it is an older application. It is now free. If you like the application, simply download the evaluation version, install it, run it and enter the following information to make it full version:

Customer Name: TM Customer
Serial Number: 1237447583

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