TestedOK Software Downloads

Try before you buy downloads:

The following programs are free to download and try out before purchasing. They are fully functional evaluation versions. That is you get to try them out to see if you like them. If you decide to keep them, you will want to register (buy) the program to stop it from expiring. Each program comes with an uninstaller if you don't want to keep it. Each of the downloads will fit on a floppy disk should you wish to install on a PC without internet access. All programs are spyware and virus free.

Product webpage Short Description Download Now
Data Entry Test Assess data entry skills. Get it
Speed Typing Test Test typing speed and accuracy. Get it
Keyboarding Skills Test Test data entry and/or typing skills. Get it
Tigger Math Math for kids. Get it
Eddy Simple fun word processor for kids and novices. Get it
Bip Log Log and track bugs, incidents and problems. Get it
Idea Log Keep track of your thoughts and ideas. Get it