How fast can you key?

Do you need to take a pre-employment test that requires keying skills? Perhaps you are hiring for a position that requires excellent keying ability. Don't guess, use our the Data Entry Test to confirm skill level.

Our Data Entry Test is software for the PC, which will measure the examinee's keying speed and accuracy. A wide variety of tests are included. There are many online keying tests, but with our software, only you will have access to the results, and an internet connection is not required to use it. Data entry test results are saved and may be sorted by score, candidate, date, etc. This is helpful if you are evaluating several job candidates, and if you are an individual, it is easy to see your progress. For additional privacy, a password may be set so that results and settings are available only to those who should see them. See the feature list below for more details. If you would like to take or administer a data entry test now, download the 30 day fully functional evaluation version.

Who should use the Data Entry Test?

The software is ideal for use by HR professionals, schools, employment agencies and companies. Individuals will find the program useful for self-testing and practicing their keying skill. This is a great way to prepare for a job interview in which the recruiter will want to know how fast and accurately you can enter data. In many cases, the 30 day evaluation version may be all that is required to get your skills up to the potential employer's level of expectation. On the other hand, if you are hiring for a position requiring excellent data entry ability, our Data Entry Test is exactly what you need to ensure your job candidates can actually perform the job efficiently. This is a tool that will assist you in making smart hiring decisions.

Data Entry Test Features:

Try or buy the data entry test:

Download version 5.5, a fully functional 30 day evaluation version (1211 KB). Once downloaded to the PC, locate the download and click on it to install.

If you would like to use the program beyond the 30 trial period, the purchase price is $28 for each computer you wish to use the program on. If you've tried out the evaluation version and wish to register (purchase) it, click the link below. Shortly after your order is processed, you'll receive via e-mail, a registration code which will make the evaluation version full version. This is a free upgrade for Data Entry Test 2004 users. Click here to buy online via secure server buy now

If you require a site license, please visit our order page for details.


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System requirements:

- Windows 2000 or higher
- Administrator privledges required for installation
- 2 MB free disk space

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Testing Tips and Questions

What is a good KPH rate?

According to many websites such as zendy.com the average requirement is 8 to 10 thousand keystrokes per hour, while many employers are looking for 10,000 KPH. Different companies and different industry lines will have their own minimum requirements, which are usually shared with the job candidate. One thing is certain though, companies want accuracy along with cost effectiveness, which translates into the requirement for excellent keying skills. Job competitions are exactly that--you will compete with other candidates, and generally speaking, the top candidates are the ones who secure the positions.

How much practice do I need?

The first thing you will want to do is, download and take our data entry test to determine your current keying ability. Take the test type most closely matched to the type of employment you are seeking or hope to increase your skill level (e.g. numeric, alpha, alphanumeric). Once you have a benchmark speed, determine what level you would like to be at. Repeatedly taking the tests will give your fingers a good dexterity workout, improving your speed in the process. Remember though, do no sacrifice accuracy for speed as both are very important. Over time, you will see improvement. Check the results page and compare your results, test by test. Do not forget to create new tests through the program so you will be typing new material. It is also helpful to vary the test duration, which can be one to thirty minutes.

As a recruiter, should we give the candidate a practice test before the real test?

We recommend you do give candidate a warm-up test first for two reasons: 1) the examinee has a chance to become accustomed to the software; and 2) it may alleviate any nervousness, thus providing a climate where the best results may be achieved. Data used for practice tests is different from the data used in the scored tests.

What should the data entry test duration be?

You may set the data entry test duration anywhere from one to thirty minutes. Many people are able to key fastest during the first five minutes, sort of a burst of speed. Other people may see lower grades with a short duration as they need time to achieve their normal speed. In general, a duration of 15 to 20 minutes will be most reflective of keying ability.

What is the latest version of the Data Entry Test -- I have been seeing 2009.

We released our first test set in 1996. It was text based and ran in DOS. A couple years later, we released a Windows 3.1 version, and at the turn of the century we released the Data Entry Test 2000 for Windows 32bit. A major upgrade was released in 2004. Then along came version 2009. It is important to note that the year is not necessarily the last update. As of 2009, we no longer use the year; rather, we use version numbers. The current version of the Data Entry Test, as of 2014, is 5.5.1.